Witches Three

Witches Three

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Liner Notes: 

This was my story cube challenge. Darcistrutt rolled me cellphone, boiling cauldron, child in a hood, power level, and brick laying. I focused on the middle three and this started to come out. I decided not to try to force a cellphone and brick laying in because this kind of turned into an unexpected Shakespeare song. Thanks for inspiring it!


You said don't don't go into the woods
You said don't talk to strangers
You told us children just be good
And stay away from danger
You told us stories in our beds
Never said that they were lies
Designed to fill our minds with dread
We've pulled the blinders from our eyes

Now we're the monsters in your fairytales
Watchers in the woods shrouded in our cloaks and hoods
The nightmares beyond the veil
The power that corrupts, we dismantle and disrupt

We wrote the fairytales anew
We spoke forbidden words
We lit the cauldron in the flu
Our power undeterred
We sing our toil and trouble
Pull the lightning from the air
Your kingdom turns to rubble
Fair is foul and foul is fair

By the pricking of our thumbs
Something wicked this way comes

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good job with contemporizing shakespeare as well as the chants of the witches

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Love how you've fitted "power level" into the story, the way the children turn from believing what they're told to "monsters in the wood", really clever, I'm extremely impressed. Beautifully fitted together, imagery works really well. Beautifully put together lyrics, and it sounds good as a song too, but I've just focused more on how well you've written the lyrics.

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Yes its very well put together. Love the layers of the vocals. Nice.

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I love the layering of the vocals straight away. The narrative that takes the sort of naive children listening to fairy-tales and turns them into the 'monsters' is so well written and chilling. The lower piano harmony gives the whole thing real depth too, as well as the wonderful atmospheric sounds. Enjoyed this a lot Smile

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Gloriously dark and beautiful. Love that piano riff and the vocals floating atop. Lyrics downright poetic in an evil fairy-tale-type way.

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This is very rich sounding. Moonlight sonata start and then such engaging vocals. The lyrics tell a very good story. There are so many textures in this song, the vocals and the instruments shimmer. It's a very inventive piece of music and very well performed.

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Great harmonies, a lovely soft track, and an example of a written song I'd love to write as well as compose like! All this came from a StoryCube roll, too, lovely stuff!

Nerds,,,Represent! Biggrin

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Pretty cool perspective on this. Nice up to date way of conveying folk music as well.