Moonlight Desire

Moonlight Desire

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Im awake, Im awake,
These dreams wont go away,
Waking me up to the primal,
Man that sleeps, man that sleeps,
Somewhere inside of me
Screaming out of the darkness,
And I turn, And I turn,
But never seem to learn
To follow the signs that drive me
But I See, Yeah I see,
The ways she looks at me,
Could this night turn out to be,

moonlight, moonlight desire

And I breath, And I breath,
Breath with her you see,
As she lays her body back into me,
her touch, yeah her touch,
The Intoxicating rush,
Cant ride through my veins enough,
And the Light, the light,
That burning from outside,
Is fuelling the flames of desire tonight,
But once were there, once were there
Will either of us care,
Or will the fear of tomorrow linger in the air

moonlight, moonlight desire

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The piano, that's a first one. The below playing of piano is very soothing. The chorus is great with the harmonies! So well done! Great lyrics. This is the kind of music I wanna hear on the radio!

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What a cool song! Intense and passionate. Piano/vocal is such a personal way to deliver a song, and you nail it.
Memorable chorus - I love the backing vocal.