Nonsymphonius Crappious in Outoftunious #92

Nonsymphonius Crappious in Outoftunious #92

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Liner Notes: 

will tag it week 4, why not...for all I know I had something to say about fire in there somewhere Biggrin



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Kind of reminds me of early Destroyer--and I love early Destroyer in all its shambolic glory. Since I can't understand what you're saying, I'll insert some Destroyer lyrics picked completely at random:

Oh, notorious lightning
Yes I had to ride you
And crash the crystal jets they kept in storage inside you
I was told never to question it
Now I'm facing twenty years for every night I tried to ingest the snow so lightly, huh?
You simply couldn't put down the black book
You dreamt the dreams of the self-taught man
You warn the ladies not to be corrupted by their looks
But your voice comes out soft and slanted
And you're living off what the government granted you
Amnesty from the true thing
Now, Sandra, slowly remove the ring
And watch notorious lightning surround you
I lay myself down to observe your gilded jeans hit the ground and have not grown from this worship
I lay myself down to surrender
Watch the trust funds gorge us again
And have not grown from…

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it doesnt remind me of anything! But i really liked it - in fact more the more i listened the more i liked it . my mind had fun compartmentalising that demanding piano to hear the rest - very clever

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Cool and creative. A mad piano player in a saw mill. Weirdly appealing.

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I'm liking the contrast between the piano line and the buzzsaw guitar.
The vocals are like someone muttering in the next room.
Really great experiment for sure.

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It's like the singer, the pianist and the drummer got together & wrote a song. And then the guitarist showed up just to add some noise. I love it. That piano is fascinating & really capture's the listener's attention. The guitar is delisciously distorted & the mumbling vocals just add to the mystery of the whole piece. Yet there's that steady drum keeping it all tied together. Awesome stuff @dzd! It would make a great little "Interlude Piece" in the middle of an album.

See You In The Shadows…

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The piano adds so much to this, great sounds, has a rowdy feeling to it and great title!