The Year with No Spring

The Year with No Spring

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Liner Notes: 

Whoa. Apparently this took me a week.

Started with listening to an Old Iron Maiden tune, Run to the Hills and admiring how they made such a harsh political statement in such a catchy tune. I monkeyed around with progressions and that kind of energy for several days. At one point, my wife asked me if I was learning a new Neil Young cover. It came to a point that I had the tune all blocked out but was completely devoid of any lyrical ideas.

Then I remembered that throughout the last 5 months I've been tossing around the idea of a song entitled, "A year with no spring".

The rest fell into place.


The Year With No Spring
© Sean McGaughey July 27, 2020

It has been the strangest of winters
A season of identical days
Invisible storms surrounding the globe
While the people shelter in place

New wisdom can be seen shining brightly in the heavens
But little can be found on the ground.
Some say nature began to return
To the near empty streets in the towns.

This will be known as the year with no spring
As frost transmuted into fire
The rich squeeze profit from the hardship of the poor.
While the poor unite in their ire


The silent winter gave way to fire in the streets
As centuries injustice came to head
And the hoi polloi refuse to believe
Turning their backs upon the dead

There’s a time to stay sheltered, and a time to stand
Though they are called heroes, they’re exploited
Slaves in their own land.


We hope the world can be brought together.
While all nations press pause
But the storm still rages, winter continues
It never ended just thawed


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Definitely has that crazy horse feel. This is a great rock basher. I'm puzzled by that last line: "it never ended, just thawed", especially in conjunction with the verse before suggesting international struggle. This seems open-ended, might need a follow-up song. I could see this as the first song in a suite

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never ended, just thawed-- wow, great line, one of many. This is substantial!

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Hey Sean! "angry Youngesque Political Rocker" indeed! You even have a Neil vocal styling happening that I really dig! The music is perfect for this song. And these lyrics are really a stellar treatment of this topic! You combined the pandemic and the rise up of the people brilliantly! V2 gave me chills! Actually, V4 gave me chills as well! This is a really sweet song covering our current situation! Nice work!!!

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the beat drives this through - sure its a bit youngish but its all you! Excellent passionate lyric. Good stuff

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An anthemic drive to this one - and I appreciate the Iron Maiden roots! Great lyrical observations.
I was just thinking that it's been 5 months since we began quarantining - 5 numbing months. Damn.

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Oh wow! This is excellent, Sean. Smile You've really captured this one. And it rocks!

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I almost hear a Joe Strummer vibe with this one. Cool song!

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Powerful lyrics. Definitely my favorite part of this song. Very strong message.

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Definitely a lot of "Neil" there. Great lyrics and very nice and authentic background arrangement.

Great job!!

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Great raging energy to this one, and excellent lyrics. So many good lines and images: invisible storms, frost transmuted into fire, the exploited called heroes.
I'm wondering if you're using "hoi polloi" to mean the rich - my understanding is it means the masses?

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Love the intensity and angst in your vocal, and a great groove that drives the song along. Yep, I totally hear the Neil influence too. Cool guitar tones.

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From Iron Maiden to this ... amazing. I like the crunchy guitar and snotty attitude (punk folk?). "Silent winter ... fire in the streets" a great contrast!

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Little wisdom on the ground is a great idea. Kudos. There's a great pivot between understated and overstated rage in the vocal delivery and the lyrics take no prisoners. Getting a real Neil Young vibe here. Great job. Strong heartfelt contemporary commentary. Enjoyed my listen.

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First of all, Run to the Hills is one of the most incredible rock songs ever made. Great start.

You've captured the spirit of that tale of oppression and brought it into our own time. It rocks.

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Sounds great. Excellent title/hook. The verses are wonderful, nice unfolding story, some really good lines. I like the contrast between the upbeat music and the downer subject matter.

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I'm afraid a good segment of the poor in my country will unite around a faux populist buffoon who has convinced them that the deep state is involved in some sort of Soros-led global conspiracy to oppress them. Anyway, I like the way this rolls around with that angry vocal. It is interesting to contemplate a season of identical days. I hope some of that wisdom hits the ground before it's too late

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This one is sharp and I love it, that chorus is catchy as hell! I love how your vocals sound, they sound frustrated and snarky in all the best ways. Their is a slight southern rock/bluesy country feel to the arrangement that really works with the subject matter. I can see why this was marked a favorite, it's fantastic!

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nice work, a touch of Neil Young.