One million more

One million more

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Liner Notes: 

Working title was called Dump Trump
ALso if you listen 25 times in a row you will be able to hear this subliminal message and it becomes an earworm. Hooked. Try it...and vote this Nov to DUMP TRUMP


One Million More

verse 1

This piece was broken
Our hearts were heavy
Hateful words were spoken
Lies in disguise

Caring comfort then neglect
A souless man with empty eyes

verse 2

Our world is burning
He pours fuel on the fire
Safe in his White House
with generals and capos standing guard

A con, A crook, an elected Don
Wallstreet and wiseguys are getting hard


But we all pay a price in the end
There's a million more just like him

repeat chorus

c) LA Lyons 2020

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Great! We just have to get him gone. He is soulless and you did this so well!

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love it. music and words like two fists entwined. chrissie hynde at her most radical.was never this good.

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Such beautiful mournful music to such a biting lyric Biggrin bravo! nice title change....sad but very true....but I'd have to argue the million could be plural. wallstreet viagra indeed! haha! good stuff! I did listen twice, won't dare do 23 more Wink I pick up enough strange messages that I can't fully trust, but they tell me there's medicine for that? Biggrin

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yup smacks it out the park. full of angst and emotion! very good

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I'm with ya all the way on dumping that idiot! That aside, good write Lorie! I like your vocals and harmonies, and good musical ideas. I really like your chorus - they way you hold the note long on each chorus line is very powerful.