Desmond Achiles

Desmond Achiles

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Liner Notes: 

I recorded this late Friday, before I set out to camp for the weekend. It's sort of dark & melancholic. But I really like the bass bits. Basically, this is me just playing my guitar & playing with settings/routtings in my Buzz project.

I guess this continues on with my Classical theme (seems that Greek Mythology is influencing my song tittles: i.e. Ithica's Crown, now this one (Achiles)). Not that I'm complaining. I do like the Classics & Hellenistic culture. Though, I have to admit I'm much more inclined towards ancient Egypt & ancient Sumeria. Oh well. Whatever works, I guess Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

Gear List
Fender Deluxe Stratocaster
Yellow Fender 0.73mm Plectorum
DigiTech Grunge Pedal
Behringer UMC404HD Audio Interface
Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller
Candle's "Live" Jeskola Buzz Project

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Who knew that Achiles' first name was Desmond?!? Wink
I'm partial to Roman Empire and Medieval English history, myself.
Those bass tones are kinda ominous.
I like how they're echoed by the guitar line.
Some great experiments you have going this summer.

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I love the heavy bass tones, they have a cool menacing feel to them. That guitar part is great, it's melodic and moves everything along very nicely. I love the synth that is almost humming all the way through the song. This is another great song!

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Dark and mysterious as this one moves along, some great undertones to add some extra heft, the fuzz guitar at the end caps it off well.