The Scream

The Scream

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Liner Notes: 

Wilhelm scream accompanied by a synth line. The warbly low drone is the scream, and all other sounds are the scream granularized, echoed, whatever weird plugins I could find.



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sell it to a haunted house this halloween. its the best thing i have ever heard on that market. it could also .impart an uneasy feeling to those who ride the haunted carriages through scary tunnels at carnivalsl.

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this is a lot of synthy fun! Bill is right...this would be right at home at some halloween themed rave or some such place Smile That low end warble effect(almost like a record scratch) is particularly tasty

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The echoed scream sounds to me like a group of scared roosters. Combined with the synth arpeggio I sense a Carpenter horror movie thing going on here...

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I love taking a sound and twisting it in to weird shapes.
This is really well done.
The low drone is aces for sure.
That synth line is anxiety-producing.
Yeah, this is really good headphone music.

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A scream symphony in the shape of an awesome club song. This could be a goth anthem right niw

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Great energy right from the get-go. I like how the scream comes around cyclically as the popcorn-y synth modulates. Fun!

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extremely satisfying, nice fading outtro. 10/10, i would dance to this.

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Can see this being an intro track to some crazy band at a live festival, about to slay the crowd into a mosh pit of electronic doom... ace job! Love all the wobbling effects and the scream blends in really well at one point like the synth and scream are the same sound but with a strange mixture Smile tis fun, indeed, and strange at the same time, and is good!!