Friday Night

Friday Night

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Liner Notes: 

I was playing in bars 2-3-4 nights a month before this all started. I am missing it. This is somewhat fictional, for example I'm married to @pfoo and I'm not "all alone". And the clusters of bars where you could walk around and here decent music every 100 feet are not actually in my neighborhood, but a neighborhood in Baltimore where I've been playing off and on for years.

I haven't posted anything in a week, so in some ways this one is low-hanging fruit. Rather easy to write and put together.


Friday night in my living room
all by myself
streets are quiet
as a tomb
where's everybody else

I used to walk around the square
every bar had something good
bands were playing everywhere
all over the neighborhood

Friday night used to be a thing
Friday night used to mean something
we all need a little release
in Friday night we believ

the streets are empty
TVs are on
flipping through
scenes of plenty
listening to the charlatans

the streets are empty now
the bars are closed
staying home

All those habits are long gone
no more staying out all night long
no more running into friends
out on the town
on the weekend

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I have a soft space for all of my musician friends who have lost gigs or even just the opportunity to play live since all of THIS happened. I'm one of those who ain't buying "the new normal". I do hope that one day Friday night will have meaning again. This is a cool, laid back track, dude. I like how everything sits nicely in the pocket.

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This is better than average to me. I forget the impact this has had on people's lives, because nothing really changed in my routine, except the roads were empty for a while. Lets hope they find a way to get you gigging musicians back out there soon.

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I love the melancholy mood you've captured here. It really carries the message home. I love the arrangement and the sounds you've chosen. And just when I was thinking "hmm, a bit of lead guitar would work here..." in it came. Smile
Love it!

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TRIGGER WARNING. It's the only thing thus song is missing cuz it's all super poignant right now. Great song

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Love the bassline on this jawn and perfect story and sentiment. Missing live music big time!

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Great rocker here with a nice message, although having worked weekends and nights for the majority of my working life, it’s more like a song of hope, which is cool, because it’s awesome when songs can hit people different ways!

The playing and vocals are spot on, pushing the great lyrics and music wonderfully!

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I love the sound, the chord changes, the guitar breaks that come in so quickly after the verses, and your vocals are so plaintive. Really good song.