I will, You will, We will

I will, You will, We will

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Liner Notes: 

Thank you Corinne for your interesting prompt.
Thank you to everyone who is reading and commenting. My lyrics are open to tweaking if you find them of inspiration for your music. Please let me know if you are happy to collaborate with me.


I will, you will, we will
© 2020 Nadia Cripps

Make the impossible possible one day
All we need is to believe we have the skill
The power of mind will open the right way
I will, you will, we will

I will, you will, we will
Find the right road soon
I sense it, you do too, I mean the thrill
It's almost like reaching for the moon

I will, you will, we will
Achieve by our believing
Everyone's sometimes ill
Let's sing together and feel the power of healing

We will get better, we'll get stronger
We wouldn't face our problems any longer
We'll let the music make its magic
We'll say hello to good luck, good bye to feeling tragic

I will, you will, we will
I will, you will, we will
I will, you will, we will
I will, you will, we will

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Nice sing of hope. Very uplifting. I can here you pretty piano lifting this. Nice skirmish.

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So full of hope that it makes me want to sing along! Good one Nadia!

JWHanberry's picture

Great positive message. Open ended so we can all fill in our own needs and wishes. Nicely done.

Zeekle's picture

That line, I will, you will, we will is great. A real sense of togetherness. A great positive take on the prompt.

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Hi Nadia! like this reminder that belief and commitment are nearly unstoppable. I loved the tie-in to the moon project. We need something that compelling again! What can capture the imagination like that again, I wonder? Nice inspiring way to go with the prompt.

dzd's picture

I too really like this getting tied into the moon landings(or fakings if you're so inclined haha)
great sense of togetherness when so many are fighting towards the opposite
I've heard someone play some really uplifting and beautiful piano that would go great with this Wink got a mirror? you might find 'em Biggrin

Edward 9th Street's picture

Great job with this skirmish. Wonderful hook line, and optimistic lyric.

Robyn Mackenzie's picture

Really uplifting lyrics, and I like the repetition of "I will, you will, we will." A much needed song for the times.

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The conviction in the lines is strong and makes it a powerful and positive lyric. It's very universal and appeals to all, especially since it's about the power of our minds! I hope to hear it soon!