I Won't I Will

I Won't I Will

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Liner Notes: 

My take on the prompt I wont I will... A quick write so the words I actually wrote don't appear to match what I actually sung... oh well.


I wont, I will

I won’t I can’t I will I am
Never stand in my way
I won’t I can’t I will I am
I am here to stay
So don’t say won’t
Cos I will I am today

See the wall, Say I can’t
I’ll tear it down I’ll have may rant
What you gonna do
Falling down I’ll get back up
Standing tall I’ll fill my cup
See if I don’t do

There’s a way so don’t you say
It’s to tough, it’s to rough
What you gonna do
Success is mine so stand in line
I’ll not wait it’s my fate
See if I dont do

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Nice angryish lyric, nice full guitar sound. Good skirmish

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Nice take on a skirmish prompt. I like your vocals and guitar.

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Wow, that guitar is a perfect match for your words. Nice!

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Well done. The lyrics are sufficiently ambiguous so that we can insert our own dilemmas into it. Good sounds.

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I really like your chorus here. It’s very confident and catchy and has that challenge factor of making me want to learn to sing along and keep up. A ton of determination in those verses!

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Agree with JW on this lyrically, and that's a really groovy vocal melody, great little bluesy lick/rhythm awesome guitar work the vocal fits this nicely
great tune!