I will, I won't

I will, I won't

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Liner Notes: 

skirmish song.....I won't/ or I will prompt


I won't or maybe I will
write a little tune with all of the frills

I will or maybe I won't
Just play one chord and a few little notes

I won't or maybe I will
Pen some lyrics, or just spew out some swill

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Dont need to over do it. Got a full sound. Fun skirmish.

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Not many words are needed to get to this-great one!

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So we got no frills, one chord and some lyrics. Now we know. Fun take on the skirmish.

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Cool sounding guitar. Lyrics are succinct, but very non committing to doing anything (but you did). Good skirmish.

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The depth, strength, and drive of the guitars provides a great big foundation for the concise lyrics! Fun and energetic!

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That one sounds like it wants to take off!!
I enjoyed the flipping between the first two stanzas, and I got into the feeling of ‘lighten up’ I felt from the guitar and your laugh. “with all of the frills” was a choice rhyme!

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I like your voice. Good direct song, good guitar tones. Good skirmish.

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I like the energy in your song and your voice is gorgeous!

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I dig the one chord - you wring a lot out of it. Got a catchy poem there with the lyrics, too.
I missed this skirmish - but I am going to use the prompt. I think it lends itself to inspired simplicity.

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If this is swill, then I'll have more of it! I really like how you ride that one chord. For one chord, you certainly give us a lot of variety. Nice skirmish!

See You In The Shadows…

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Good energy on this one as it bubbles along in a percussive manner!