Disruption drawing blood

Disruption drawing blood

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Liner Notes: 

It's been a while since I spoken worded.


Is this the adventure my heart asked for?
And when I slip through the cracks
Spry from the trials
What is it like to be present this time?

Like a butterfly
I ride
I fly
I rest
I hope
I breathe
I weave
And soon enough it will all come together.
But not quite yet.

There are just a few more steps
and it takes patience to spin,
breathe within
and without.
Let the planets bloom around you.

This is a celebration of our blood
our love
our tattered costumes
we'll soon hang up
But we planned this party
and soon enough
it will begin again
with just the slip of a needle
drawing blood.

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Love the soundscape you built. The spoken word is a neat effect as well.

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the poem is remarkable, your delivery impeccable, and the musical pad sublime

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I'm always up for a good spoken word piece.
We need more of em around here.
Really effective soundscape you've constructed.
A nice build to it.
Great vocal delivery for sure.