Skirmish - Rodeo

Skirmish - Rodeo

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish theme: Rodeo
ran by: kahlo2013

Can't seem to get things done within the time limit. This one took me 1hr 42 min.
Got hung up on getting my synthvox to do what I wanted it to and also coming up with some different sections.
Light mixing on this so forgive the clipping here and there.
Very simple song, as I really tried to finish this one within the time limit. Oh well.
It amazes me how some of you all can write such epic lyrics with story, meaning and feeling in such a short time.
I know my limits, my place...and I am a very very novice and green lyric writer. Instrumentals are my thing. But I wanted to try to write more lyrics this 50/90, and even though these are very simplistic, I still kinda had fun and I still them.
I don't usually get discouraged on this site, but this year is a bit odd in regards to that. So please don't take this stuff too seriously.
I'm just trying to have a little fun.
(oh and I didn't use the bonus point words, and its not a country song, so i get the bonus points, yay! i like points haha)


I just wanna eat
chicken wings
at the rodeo

baby hit me up
if you wanna go
just let me know

do they even sell food
to be honest
i don't even know

maybe i can Google
if they sell wings
at the rodeo

do they sell wings
at a rodeo
i need to know
i wanna eat wings
at the rodeo
don't ya know

some people dream about riches
some people dream about love
some people dream about fame
but me, i dream about eating wings at the rodeo

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This is so much fun! Love that pop synth sound and the simple, feel-good lyrics. Nice skirmishing!

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You did a fantastic job with such a wonderfully quirky and fun take on the prompt. There is a whimsical feel to the words - the bit about wanting chicken wings - is a delightful example. Fun electrosynth music with a great beat! Congrats on getting all the bonus points! I really enjoyed my listen and am so glad you participated! Thanks!

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What a fine tune. Between the voice and the lyrics I was grinnin' from the start. If I had to guess I would imagine plenty of wings at the rodeo. Sometimes it just takes longer to be better. Great job.

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Charming, silly, catchy as all get out, and that bridge section just made me fall for this character! There’s something to it that strikes me as both funny and adorable. Wonderful little synthy frills thrown in. This was so creative!

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I loved this instantly! sounds great! time well spent Smile

I've been to a LOT of rodeos, some sell wings, most don't....its your usual hot dog/burger/nachos/beer type of deal usually, unless you get into the bigger circuit ones Smile

that little rhythm piano chorded part driving this (for my ears) is really amazing! love it! and the vox/lyrics going to leave me smiling for awhile
great swirly whirlies too this is gonna be stuck in my head for a bit........its welcome Smile

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Oh you get 10 bonus points from me. This is so cool. There is a real groove bass in there. The lyrics are a real fun listen, they got me craving chicken wings!!

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It's funny that you should pick out the little things when this is everything it should be, in my opinion. I hear this and I am in a wonderful simulated theme park of future rodeos and VR junk food.

Solid song. I love it.

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Very nicely done. I am sure it was worth that extra time.

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This is a very fun piece! The lyrics are charming and fit this instrumental. The beat is great, love when it goes into the verse at 1:06 and those nice keyboards come in. Nice change up with the cymbals 1:56, this song builds up nicely. It all sounds good to me!

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I'm not sure why I had anime on my mind as I was listening to this, but man - I was in arcade, cotton candy (yes, cotton candy), fun times watching anime mode with this one. That chorus is cool as ice, homey!

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This is a wonderfully upbeat electronic pop song. I'm pretty impressed that this is a skirmish. You chose an excellent combination of instruments. The melody is a real ear worm too.

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This is just so much fun!! I was bopping along with a big smile on my face. So catchy. (And conversely I can write lyrics quickly but I can't even begin to think how to do what you've done here - literally wouldn't know where to start! And that's one of the things I love about this community - so many people bringing very different skills and experiences to the table!)