Shit Music Pandemic

Shit Music Pandemic

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Liner Notes: 

Don't panic folks we are doing our best to reverse the situation.



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The Freaks are taking care of business. Such awesome sounds here, wild guitar sounds, really cool chopped up vocals, alien spaceship sounds and a beat that keeps the song going. Very cool and engaging track, certain to save us all.

Fuzzy's picture

I continue to be impressed by your savage percussion.
Lovely lovely guitar noises.
Those vocals are aces.
Really great title.
This is radical dance music.

phoenixash's picture

This sounds as if a found footage style recording of victims trying to survive the apocalypse had emerged and whatever killed us all had djed over it and is now dancing on our ashes swaying to our screams

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a beautiful rendition of one of my earliest nightmares-- la, it's goood.

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I wonder what the guy was trying to tell us during what was happening to him. I wonder what was happening was fun or not. It sure was intriguing though.