Not my first rodeo

Not my first rodeo

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Liner Notes: 

Written for the "Rodeo" skirmish topic - this was fun! I need to sort out a way to record the keyboard better as the booming of the keys and pedal is impressive, and not in a good way. Spot the cameo by my child at the very end...


You think you’ve got the measure of me, don’t you?
All soft and sweet and bending to your touch
You think I’ll feed the sharks that I am thrown to
without even protesting them too much.
But darling, there’s more to me than I show
- this isn’t my first rodeo, you know.

You think that I can’t see past your illusions
that I am far too innocent by half.
But baby, that’s the voice of your delusions
you’re not the one who’s having the last laugh.
you won’t even be bracing for the blow
- this isn’t my first rodeo, you know.

You think I was born yesterday
you think you have a chance
but honey, I was wise to you
while you were still in short pants

You think I’ll think you’re doing me a favour
that I will be blindsided by your charms.
but sweetheart, I’ve seen that kind of behaviour
more times than you’ve had someone in your arms.
So go away and take some time to grow
- this isn’t my first rodeo you know.

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Wow, Marilisa! What a fantastic take on the prompt! Your hook is absolutely perfect and your verses are wonderfully vivid, pointed, and well-developed. Great use of language and rhymes. The bridge made me laugh in a good way! Love your melody and vocals! Congrats on another great song and on getting the maximum bonus points for this skirmish as you did not use any of the cowboy themed bonus words nor did you make a country song! Brilliant! Thanks for participating!

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I like the very self-confident, taunting voice in the lyrics, with true to life speech. Baby pissed off the wrong person! I was also delighted by the way you backed up “rodeo” with “you know” for the end rhyme.

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Good use of the prompt. Your lyric stays right on point. Fine skirmishing.

Sounds like you need to insulate the mic stand from the floor. A throw rug or foam or a pillow under the base might help.

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I kinda feel like the sound of hitting the keys give a slight percussion to the song, almost like a soft kick drum following along with each chord hit. I like it.
That's a lot of great lines in such a short time. '...still in short pants' - awesome, definitely got a grin from me.
I've always liked this phrase - not my first rodeo (and variations). It really cuts down people who automatically assume you don't know stuff or that they can get one over on you. In fact, you cover so many of the scenarios where this applies. Its almost like I can think of an instance in my own life that every line in this song could apply to.
Great stuff.

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What wonderful lyrics and tasty rhymes (I’m particularly taken with “don’t you/thrown to” and “a chance/short pants”)! Lovely delivery, too. Awesome skirmishing!

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What a great take on the prompt (disappointed I didn't join in now)
The piano sounds great and as [@spittybooms] noted, the pedal adds a percussive sound which I liked. Great lyrics too, sorta "get back in your box jnr!" Fantastic

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I'm also laughing quite a bit about that clever use of short pants Smile
Really great skirmish....really awesome lyric! love how the delivery comes across so sweet and melodic in such a cutting lyric!
great work! and great cameo Wink

JW is right about a rug or something underneath can work wonders, especially if on a wood/hard tile or something floor to start with......but I actually like hearing all the "imperfections" whatever....makes it human and all the more endearing....give it a week and listen again you might like it as well Smile I would of commented on how great the percussive key hits sounded if you hadn't said anything hahaha.