Behind Panes of Glass

Behind Panes of Glass

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Liner Notes: 

ductapeguy says: These lyrics came in late March from a Facebook conversation with DD, when we were each beginning to realize the impact of the pandemic and the lockdown. Although we live on different continents, we both had the experience of being separated from loved ones who live blocks away. The first verse is a retelling of one of my experiences, and the second was an experience of Dragondreams.

We revisited these lyrics for 5090 and DD came up with a beautiful, lyrical instrumental track. I provided melody and vox. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with Dragondreams. He shoves me way out of my comfort zone.

Dragondreams says:
I love working with Ductapeguy! Our styles are so different that it fits right in with my "borrow references from all genres" approach. And we get on well, which is also a good trait, even in a virtual band. I sat on these lyrics for ages, trying to find a way to musically convey the emotions they stirred in a way that conveys the awkwardness that we both mentioned we felt in our respective, continents apart, situations. It finally clicked a couple of days ago. The chorus is deliberately "difficult" in its phrasing for that reason. And I'm surprised that Sean still wants me in his band after this! Biggrin


Behind Panes of Glass
Paul Hudson and Sean McGaughey © March-July 2020

We tapped upon your window, stood out on the drive
The dog barking happily on the other side
I wanted to embrace but these groceries have to do
I hope behind the glass you heard us say we love You

The lovely neighbour left a box of eggs on the stair.
More than enough for myself and folks to share
My dad came to the hall, but I could not come near
We had to keep our distance, faces streaked with tears

I want to wrap you in a warm embrace
Watching your eyes light up, your smiling face
Keeping our distance, This too shall pass.
Longing to hug from behind panes of glass.

Bridge- Outro Whisper

Though we can’t touch, I look into your eyes.
Respectful of distance, we improvise.

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Wow. Really amazing guitar track and the emotional vocal and lyrics make this song really work.

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the guitar is amazing and the vocals soar.

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Yeah, that guitar is something! I really love the main guitar groove/motif, and then the extra flourishes take it way over the top. Just great. The vocal/lyric really hits an emotional place. A friend of mine just moved his dad into an assisted living center, so I've been thinking about this sort of thing. I like the hopeful touch amidst the sadness: the eggs

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I agree about the amazing guitar! It's great that you both had a hand with the lyrics. Quite the collab! - well done!

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Well, dang--the Demo isn't working for me. First time that's every happened--I've been listening to other songs here for the last half hour. I'll have to try again later.

At least I'm very much identifying with the lyrics...

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Thanks for the heads up--it's working for me now and I'm glad I got a chance to listen to this. Love that little 32-note (?) riff at the end of the phrases. Great vocal--fantastic musical arrangement. I grew up listening to stuff like this in the 60s. GREAT WORK!!

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Inspired collab! In music and lyric, you capture the ache brilliantly. Giving a second listen now.

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Ditto from me the guitar is lovely. Hits home since I am currently at home isolated waiting for test results

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Beautifully aching, touching lyrics- Wonderful guitar, melody and performance. Great collaboration you two

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Taken me a while to get here, I shoulda come earlier! Gorgeous guitar setting off those really really great vocals and THEY set of the great lyrics. This is a top song! Downloaded! Applause!! Applause!!!

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Oh man, phrygian? flamenco? This is gorgeous! Every verse is packed with imagery and emotion. Beautiful guitaring, beautiful storytelling.

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Very nice, lyrically, musically and vocally. That little riff really catches the ears.

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So different to what I was expecting to hear !
Very poignant, and quite sad Sad

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The guitar work on this is really nice and the lyrics are very well written. Good raw emotions in the vocal delivery. Nice collab, guys!

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Beautiful guitar! I like the way the chorus is so different than the verse. Really compelling tune!