Righteous Anger

Righteous Anger

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Liner Notes: 

Inspired by an anti-racism discussion I had with folks from church last week.


Use your words. Calm down.
Don’t explode. Breathe deep.
Give it time to turn around.
And if it doesn’t….

Take that righteous anger,
Dig down deep and let it flow.
Recover your own power
So many told you to let go
Don’t stay silent on injustice
As its poison silences your voice
Find a way to make a difference,
Spring to action; make that choice.

Took me years to realize
Healthy conflict isn’t evil
Speak up for the marginalized
If you’re injured…


Examine your privilege
Lean in, lean out
But don’t let fear win…
When love calls you to shout


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The song has a good drive to the melody that matches the lyrics well. Kind of a classic folk/protest feel to it overall.

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Beautiful delivery of a wonderful message! I love the compelling call to action! The change up between sections is really effective! The chorus is so brilliant and the bridge is fantastic with its insight and encouragement! I hope you sing this out as it is compelling without being preachy!

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I love the positive spin on the subject and you delivery has a beautiful, classic folk to feel to it. That chorus is very catchy, very nice job!