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Liner Notes: 

CNN NBC FOX BBC CBS - all wrapped up in some lovely music!


Unmarked troops and covert forces
Both sides wound as hatred courses
The left can't stand what the right endorses
Make 'em an offer they can't refuse
Viewers watching the breaking news

Washington is so up in arms
Always sounding the big alarm
When the people resist in outlaw swarms
It's not something we can use
Citizens always catching the breaking news

President’s untruths are advertised
They're killing people before our eyes
Dissent condemned and criticized
It's our sad state, our national blues
Tonight! All new! the breaking news

They never turn to peace just war
Then mostly lie about the score
It's us and them not like before
And in our eyes take in more & more abuse
Streaming live on the breaking news

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nancyrost's picture

I like that bed, kinda Steely-Dan-ish. That and the mellow vocal delivery create an anesthetic effect for these grim lyrics. Oh, that eerie bit of auto-tune is cool.

ductapeguy's picture

The musical choices were spot on. The flat emotional less vocal delivery contrasts starkly with the somewhat beautiful music to amplify the harsh realities of the lyrics.

mike skliar's picture

there's a wonderful contrast between the matter-of-fact narration and the vaguely jazzy Jerry Garcia-esque meets steely dan music-- nicely done!

coolparadiso's picture

Yup i agree with Mike, strong biting lyrics and plain vocal and very pretty music? Vocals is it me or do you sound like Andy Getch or maybe vice versa!

billwhite51's picture

cool guitar breaks between verses. i wish your line "the people resist in outlaw swarms" were true. i dont see any resistance, just passive acceptance. what kind of election are they running? its like having the choice between the gas chamber and the electric chair.