October Sky

October Sky

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Liner Notes: 

I'm getting the hang of this. There's still things that it should be much easier to do that stuff is just not cooperating with. can't get key switches to work with logic which means doing a lot of stuff by hand, but I'm really happy with the way this one turned out.

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Listening I can just see colorful leaves and a bright blue sky. Amazing!

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Rich layers of sound and wonderful flowing movement. Lovely musical landscape!

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Grand and cinematic comes to mind while listening to this piece. There's so much going on here that I'll have to have a 2nd go. Brilliant!

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This is gorgeous. And--just in case you weren't aware of this--"October Sky" is an anagram for "Rocket Boys", as, I seem to recall was mention in the movie called "October Sky".

I need to sit down and do some orchestral stuff sometime. Good job!

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This has an airy, happy feel to it in the beginning that moves into an almost regal sound and ends with a more gentle air. Nicely done.

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This is all done in a DAW? Its lovely!
You really chose great sounds for this piece, I'm liking everything I hear from the Kontakt library (if that is indeed what this is).
And you played them well, too. I agree with all the descriptors the other commenters used.
Excellent arranging. I feel like it takes a lot of skill to make orchestral pieces in a DAW, and you nailed it in my opinion.

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OMG Katie, this is superb! No, I mean spectacular! No, both, and more! You sound like a full orchestra! I love the dynamics and how this builds! It is really beautiful! You RAWK!

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Really beautiful ... reminds me of the rolling hills of Ireland and the seashore of some unknown magical place. The interplay of the various instruments is wonderful. A very enjoyable listen!

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Sounds great. The strings sound beautiful, lovely sweet sounding melody, and the gentle piano, and the climax, all very beautifully done, lovely to listen to.