Please Scream Inside Your Heart

Please Scream Inside Your Heart

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Another songfight entry. I still want to mess around with the mix on this one but overall I'm fairly happy with how it turned out. If you aren't familiar with the reference in the title, it refers to this Japanese roller coaster that asked its riders to refrain from screaming in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus.


Please scream inside your heart
Don't make too much noise
Save your breath for all the girls and boys
Who say their prayers and walk alone
Never knowing if they'll make it home

No more spotlight
No more headlines
Glass of red wine
Everything is fine

Please scream inside your heart
Hide it all away
Don't wanna hear what you have to say
Just keep the peace and walk away
They don't care anyway

Crashing sound waves
Make it go away
Been a long day, come a long way
So scream inside your heart, ooh
Inside your heart, ooh

Please scream inside your heart
Don't make a scene
Don't look at the sin and the tragedy
When everything's wrong, it's all about me
But I can't help how I'm meant to be

You'll believe it
When you see it
No more secrets
Gonna keep this
So scream inside your heart, ooh
Inside your heart, ooh

Let your heart break
Let your bones ache
I will not wait
And there's hell to pay
So scream inside your heart, ooh
Inside your heart, ooh
Inside your heart, ooh
Inside your heart, ooh

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this the best meloidy i have heard yet this season, and the lyric s a perfect fit with vicals that are out of thus world. pop music doesnt get any better than this. there is a depth of feeling beneath all the cotton candy goodness,

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This is irresistible at first but then you go further. It's elevated yet totally accessible and I'm a fan of this. The ooh's in the chorus are very gratifying. The final verse is my favorite and really love the chord change from verse to chorus. This stuff demands repeat listening but not for clarification, for all the pieces are in beautiful harmony, all supportive and pieces of something grand. It demands repeat listens because it's beautiful.

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You keep amazing me so much! So love this idea! This should be on the radio for all to hear. What a melody!

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Yay! This is some infectious pop. I love the way the melody jumps up. It's even better when things kick into gear with drums and dirty guitar. Like Belly or something. I saw that line about screaming inside your heart and thought it would make a great song title. Lovely vocal performance!

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Fantastic pop song. All of it speaks to my pop sensibilities- inside my heart!!! This should be heavy rotation on every station.

Edward 9th Street's picture

Another great song. I've really enjoyed both your tunes. Fresh and alive, comes to mind. Smile

Gwyn Jones's picture

"Please scream inside your heart" is such a fantastic line for these times and the whole lyric, melody and delivery is brilliant!

msculli1's picture

Great sound. Delightful start to finish. Can hear this at the end (or beginning) of a future Hollywood Romantic Comedy.

Zeekle's picture

Brilliant, this really kicks. Again, your vocals are so good. The lyrics are perfect and the music dynamics are spot on. Fantastic

johnstaples's picture

Wow Robyn, this one has everything! Such a wonderful melody, your lovely vocals, excellent instrumentation and an awesome hook! I love that it is inspired by that Japanese rollercoaster but it certainly works way beyond that specific situation! I have to say I am really loving your music and I am a big fan! This one is just wonderful! I love it!!

wacha's picture

Wow, this song is incredible! It is pop rock perfection! The arrangement builds nicely as the song goes on and your vocals. These lyrics are great, "scram inside your heart" is an amazing line. I love the guitars which get grittier as the song goes on and the solo if perfect, just the right length to break up. This is a damn fine song!

Aging Ophelia's picture

exactly encapsulates attitudes i come up against all the time. it's tough to start a dialogue with people like that, right?

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Really lovely vocals and clever lyrics! I particularly like the transition to the heavier part and the doubled vocals. Well structured and catchy! Reminds me a bit of 90s bands like Veruca Salt. Nice laid-back solo as well!

Kristi's picture

How amazing that's a true story! I like how you took that and made it a hook. The lyric has deeper meanings as well and the lines sing really and easy. Great vocal and music's a catchy song. Well done!

corinne54's picture

What a great song! I see someone mentioned Veruca Salt. Yes, reminiscent of them. I'm really impressed with this song

musicsongwriter's picture

Beautiful song! Fresh, full of energy and true feelings. Your vocals and playing are so sincere and adorable!

tjeff's picture

Great melody and very well written lyric. I love how you came up with the title, and then how the lyric spoke to me was as someone being told to hold in their feelings. The overall music reminds me a lot of Liz Phair.

cts's picture

Man - that melody is a winner three times over, and that chorus is ALL THAT! Interesting backstory to the song; a bit of a head scratcher for me as I tend to do a great deal of screaming when I'm riding a roller coaster. Regardless, this song has such an alive vibe; fun like a coaster, danceable as it should be!

amusia's picture

I really like the transition at the beginning from just vocals and guitars to the full band coming in. Great melodies, especially the chorus, which really rocks! I enjoyed my listen!

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I thought I had already listened to this one, because I remembered the title - and I get the reference, too.
What an amazing song! Jangly folk rock is one of my favorite things to listen to, and you add your signature lovely vocals and some danger with the gritty guitar. Love it!