Zee's Sofa, Y'All

Zee's Sofa, Y'All

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Liner Notes: 

After the brash, patriotic Canadiana of my last track, I figured it was only fair to give a nod to our neightbours to the south. Co-incidentally, up until the late 1800's, my Father's family were Americans. Researching our family tree has traced our family through North Dakota, Wisconsin, New York & Connecticut (where my eldest ancestor first came to the new world before the sailing of the May Flower). We've subsequently researched our family back through Ireland & England with the name going back as far as the Battle Of Hastings in 1066 when we were given the Hereditary Mayorilty of Devonshire by William the Conqueror for my ancestor's valour in the battle (so yes, that makes me a Norman). Anyway, it was my Great-Grandfather Edwin who first came across the 49th & built a General Store in my Dad's home town in Southern Manitoba (Vassar, you've probably never heard of it - it's even hard to find on some maps). The foundation of my Great-Grandfather's store can still be seen across the railroad tracks from my late Uncle's homestead (now owned by his daughter - i.e. my cousin).

So, beyond the genealogical rabbit hole I just wandered down, this song is essentially a remix of Zed's Couch, Eh? (*42821). I took the loops of the bass line & guitars from Zed, dropped them into separate Matilde Tracker Buzz Machines & then added some drums, a zany melodic interlude (c/o FSM's great Infector Buzz Machine), some ambience (HG Fortune, of course) & a somewhat creepy vocal sample I found on FreeSounds.org. Some Hex Code, mixing & rendering later, you have the Americana Remix of Zed's Couch, Eh? - aptly named "Zee's Sofa, Y'All" The big bonus: I've finally tamed HG Fortune's Percumat 2 Drum Machine! Yeah!

I hope you enjoy Smile

See You In The Shadows…

Gear List (Native Buzz Machines marked with an * )
Matilde Tracker 3*
HG Fortune's Alien Space Weaver Pro
HG Fortune's Percumat 2
FSM's Infector*
Rymix's StereoBox Pro*
IX PatchBay 3.0* (My secret weapon! hahaha)
CyanPhase's JedShiva Meter*
LD Mixer*
Automation Parametric EQ*
Sonic Verb*
BG CompGate*
DedaCode StereoGain*
Sgorpi's MultiTrack Writer*
CyanPhase's Song Info*

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What a great slow build-up to that vocal and laugh that thoroughly creeped me out! yall hear summin? Very spooky track for sure, that sofa needs to see a priest, been out on the front porch too long might of caught hisself a demon or two! hahaha.......haven't listened to first one yet Smile
Great stuff!

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I love the eerie, scif-fi feel of this track. It feels like it would be playing in on a spaceship, like something you'd hear when the main character wakes up. I love your use of ambient noise and samples.

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Very interesting, nice description of how this one formed compared to the other half.