Wednesday afternoon

Wednesday afternoon

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Liner Notes: 

Another quick jam on the OP-Z. I love the piano in this one — I first recorded the chords, and then overdubbed a small melody on top of it. Though I like the piano, the muted guitar on the arpeggio doesn't sound very natural. In the last few tracks I've been experimenting a lot with the tape track, and it's a fun way to add weirdness and variability to the song.



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That's a great piano tone on the OP-Z. Pretty melody-- I like the interplay of the different instruments a lot. Good beat to the percussive track.

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Sweet little track. The call and response between the "guitar" and "piano" parts works realy well. I'm really enjoying the stuff you're making with that OP-Z. The sonic qualities of the timbres are quirky and unusual and fun to listen to. Being able to hear the weird bitcrushed degradation on the drums at the end was a treat - that's a very cool effect.

This is somewhat shorter than Eno's "Thursday Afternoon", which runs to sixty minutes and fifty seconds.

...which gives me my annual excuse to post a link to perhaps the greatest piece of journalism ever to feature in the New York Times:

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for me the muted guitar makes the song. it is more percussive in its effect than the drum, which simply keeps time, while the guitar moves time. the piano is pretty and adds color.