Liminal Space

Liminal Space

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Liner Notes: 

My life right now...I was inspired by a quote from a book I am reading right now called: How to Lead when You Don’t Know Where You’re Going.

I think that a lot of us are feeling this tension of liminal space right now.


I could be anything—here on the edges
A doorway to another realm; a window to your soul
I could be anything—a high wall’s ledges—
If you came knocking, if you took control.

It’s dangerous here in this liminal space
Where possibilities seem commonplace
While the privileged few try to erase
Your hope without leaving a trace…

I could be anything here in the center—
A dot on the “I” of iota; dust from making art
I could be anything—sweet, salty, bitter
If you breathed upon me, melting my heart

It’s alluring here in this liminal space
Where senses awake and hearts start to race
While the privileged few try to erase
Your hope without leaving a trace

I could be anything—or let it all go
Test every theory that pops in my mind or surrender my control
In this uncertainty, what do I know?
If you walked with me, nurturing my soul.

It’s sacred here in this liminal space
Where beginnings and endings merge without trace
Where everyone’s equal and power’s erased
And hope, love and joy have a place

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One of my favourite words, liminal. It's a word so full of potential, inspiring thoughts of crossing a boundary from one state to another; and I think we could all do with finding a more amenable place to be in right now.

This is quiet and calm and beautifully rendered and absolutely hits the spot. Lovely.

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This is absolutely gorgeous - and so heartfelt and honest feeling - your melody and phrasing is so beautiful. Love the sentiment and the longing your convey.

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I'm a huge fan of liminal space. So I love that you wrote a song about this. This is lovely and intimate. Nice ending too.

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You sound so vulnerable in this but there's an almost religious hopefulness to the words that is really uplifting. Great to hear your voice, as always!

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yes a fine vocal. lovely minimilistic style

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I love these lyrics, especially the second verse. Gentle delivery, but with that underlying current of tension you mentioned. Nicely done!