F**k the World Doesn't Want My Music

F**k the World Doesn't Want My Music

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Liner Notes: 

You know how it is, you record a song so totally awesome you astound yourself, but the world is humming a Band In a Box, music by cliches singalong and ignores you. This is not that song.
Haven't tried this on speakers so it might sound crap, but hey the world won't care.

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peoplearent going to flip over it because there us no context. hook up with a noh theatre group or something in that weun and you will be in demand in some small theatre groups, the musicians are the only ones to get paid

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That right there is some great screechy twangy percussive goodness. Sounds great in my speakers Smile
May not be band in a box, but I bet that cat in a box that may or may not of been alive/dead or even there at all was listening to something along these lines! Until someone listened and criticized it that is Wink
Great stuff.

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Well fuck the world, then.
Cos this is some awesome goodness right here, I tell ya.
*I* want your music.
I think in order to appeal to "the world" you will have to have your brain scooped out and then you'll have to make a deal with Satan for your 15 minutes of fame.

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F*ck the world music...alright I can dig this genre. Wicked sounds, on one channel we get machine shop screaming and on the next a melodic line with quite a tone. Once more your percussion is aggressively wild. This is such a mix of sounds, both channels are very cool.

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yeah, the muzak is there - we need more movies with these soundtracks. this made my day and night. I will now dream of tripoded quintuplarents as hard as they come.

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Really out there .. like twisted rock music from outer space. Tom Waits meets The Residents!

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it reminds me of the Clangers jamming on acid. in a good way.