The Forager and the Tooth Fairy

The Forager and the Tooth Fairy

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Liner Notes: 

I don't really know what this is about tbh. I got a book on foraging and started seeing all these plants to eat in the field. The woman on the show I was watching, Alone, chipped her tooth on some seeds, and my cousin's kid lost a tooth when we were together a few weeks ago. ??? So that's what was in my brain. It feels good not to make a song be something.


there's a lot on my mind
and there's a bleeding tooth shard lying beneath my pillow

i get so lost where does the day go
i picked some milkweed ate the hull
you know my mask it must have dropped
somewhere in the ragweed trails in the field

chomping on the wineberries
put a chip in my back molar
chomping on the roots of the queens anns lace
gave me knotted up stomach ache
i'm green as the mugwart tea in this hot ceramic glass
in my un air conditioned wheat moth infested kitchen

and there's a lot on my mind
and there's a bleeding tooth shard lying beneath my pillow

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do i detect a touch of joni mitchell fluttering around this tooth fairy and its bloody treasure? were i her, i would stick around too. lots of melodic invention on the rise.

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bill may well be right - like the meander of this song- order out of chaos

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This has some great details in the lines. And then some! I enjoyed the music and the vocal is very expressive. It's actually very

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Love the jazzy, conversational flow and the kitchen-sink lyrics!