Every Song I Sing

Every Song I Sing

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Liner Notes: 

I hear it Americana but it doesn't have to be -- I'm flexible. Let me know if you'd like to set this to music.



The highway pulls me forward
And I’m rolling through my thoughts
Knowing I don’t feel right
And it’s easy to connect the dots

I’ll be on stage again tonight
Can’t deny it’s a magical ride
I’ll do songs of trains, and rains, and windswept plains
But I’m wishing you were right here by my side

I may be singing ’bout the luck I’ve had
’bout all the things that make me glad
I may be singing of the joy when love is true
Every song I sing
Is really
About you

There’s one about a trucker
As he’s heading out alone
All the signs say wrong way
’Cause of who he left behind at home

Another is about a man
Who buys his woman jewels and furs
He’d give up the fancy cars and bars and stars
If he could only spend more time with her

I may be singing ’bout the dreams I’ve had
’bout the solitude that makes me sad
I may be singing of a pair of eyes so blue
Every song I sing
Is really
About you
Every song I sing
Is really
About you

One day I’ll be back in your arms forever
I’m hoping it won’t take too long
I’d rather share my feelings with you face-to-face each day
Than sing about them in my songs

I may be singing ’bout the sky at night
’bout the shimmering of city lights
I may be singing of a home coming into view
Every song I sing
Is really
About you

Every song I sing
Is really
About you

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Nice lyric, certainly fit that loose description of Americana, we have a very similar style here in Oz. Sort of not country but about country. Im sure someone will pick this up? Nice.

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Was going to say this fits Oz well then I saw @coolparadiso's comment. If no -one else picks this up, prod me in oh about 4 weeks?

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This has a great Americana feel - a heartfelt honest feeling longing and sincerity - it captures the sense when everything you do an think is colored by your thoughts of someone else brilliantly.

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This is a fantastic write wonderful sentiment wonderful story

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Very beautiful lyrics. Hope to hear your collaboration with Tim.