Great Blue Herons

Great Blue Herons

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For the past couple of weeks I go not far from my house to see the great blue herons that are currently feeding in a wetland area. Most days I see at least 10.
Thought I'd write about them.


Great Blue Herons
© 2020 Cindy Prince

In the morning wet with dew
I walk quietly on the walkway
The sky is soft pink and blue
The perfect start to my day

Although I'm quiet two lift up
Five more stay in the water
I wish I could get close up
Before the day gets any hotter

They stand so elegantly
Long legs and large bill
Wading...waiting...for their meal
Then quick!
It's in their mouth and quickly gone
I smile this morning watching my herons
The marvelous great blue herons

I watch for as long as I can
See four more decide to fly
I watch and wonder at their wingspan
Fly across the morning sky

Repeat chorus

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coolparadiso's picture

I know you love birds and it shows in your lyric! I can clearly see the scene.

Zeekle's picture

What a cool thing to be able to do and write about. Sounds like a lovely way to start the day.

Kristi's picture

I can see you on your walk! Nice images in the lines. You notice things many overlook....great focus to give these herons the spotlight!

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

This is so gentle and sensory, and I can almost feel the movement of the birds. You capture both the power and majesty of the herons and the sweet fragility of the moment of observation.

Scubed's picture

Beautiful and evocative! You paint such a lovely picture here!

JamKar's picture

Oh my, I see only one usually on our place. How fortunate you are, and such descriptions! Lovely verses.