Breathing Interlude

Breathing Interlude

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can you hear the wind blowing through my nostrils?
there's nothing more soothing
than my nostril hairs being brushed by particles
in a mixture of air molecules
filling up my lungs
oxygen flowing into my bloodstream
being inserted into the electron transport chain
as the final electron acceptor
and the waste product of carbon dioxide being pumped back
back to my lungs
exhaled into the wind

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That is strange, disconcerting, calming, unbalancing and wonderful.

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This made my entire nervous system stand on end. Tormenting, tantalising, and terrifically arranged.

Interesting bit of dissonance with the lyric which gets clinical on a quadratic scale. I found my suspension of disbelief got challenged once we got to the electron transport chain - and, given that my hackles were already powerfully erect, this correct-yet-off-kilter slough of words definitely sent the pulse racing.

As a creepy science spoken word interlude, it is an unqualified success.