Tim The Cowboy

Tim The Cowboy

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Liner Notes: 

In March, the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma shut down, (like everywhere else). During the lockdown, their security guard, Tim, took over the museum's twitter account and a social media star was born. https://twitter.com/ncwhm I thought that Tim, like every good cowboy hero, needed a ballad written about him.

Update July 28:
One of the things about our culture of positive comments only is sometimes obvious mistakes don't get mentioned. This song is a week old and has 11 comments. Not one of them pointed out that the the guitar and vox were out of sync several bars. I record vox and guitars simultaneously on separate channels. Somehow alternate tracks were live when I rendered it down (The DAW equivalent of a typo). I have rendered it down so that I am now singing in time with the guitar.


Tim the Cowboy
© Sean McGaughey July 20, 2020
For Tim the Cowboy from the National Cowboy Museum https://twitter.com/ncwhm

No One saw it coming, that day in early March
When the museum was closed down and left in the dark.
The workers went home and locked all the doors.
C D Em
Leaving Tim the Guard alone to walk the floors.

The Bosses said hey Tim, We’ve a thing for you to do.
For as long as we are closed would you send a tweet or two?
He said, I’ve never Twittered but I will give it a try.
C D Em
And the world was introduced to a heck of a guy.

3 cheers for Tim the Cowboy, You’re a beacon of light
D Em
You share your joy with everyone on endless prairie nights.

At first he was unsure and stumbled about
He tweeted, “Tips for Twitter” to figure it out.
His nephew said make a hashtag just for your museum.
C D Em
Tim typed #HashtagTheCowboy, Soon everyone could see’em


Tim teased Seth from Marketing that he would take his place
His tweets of the collection put a smile on every face
For all the folks stuck at home dreaming of the range
C D Em
He shared a wholesome viewpoint in a season of strange.


For cowboys on the range, bandanas were a must
To keep their faces clear of the bugs and the dust
Tim kindly asks Y’all keep the cowboy way.
Tip your hat, say “Howdy” and keep six feet away.


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Great story and well told in lyric and delivery. Really really enjoyable

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ha, nice idea, nicely done!

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I remember reading about this guy, and thinking his life was an interesting bridge between the old west and the, uh, new west.

Your choice of both genre and lyrics has the song treading a similar line, which I appreciated. Some lovely phrasing, too - 'a wholesome viewpoint in a season of strange.' stuck out to me as an astute arrangement of words.

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(How could I resist!) This is a lovely story and the cowboy music is just right.

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I have just spent a very happy few minutes scrolling through Tim's Twitter feed, so thanks for that. I think Tim would get on very well with the folks running the Museum of English Rural Life's Twitter feed, don't you? https://twitter.com/TheMERL

This was a fun way to make the challenges of lockdown and covid-19 a little less bleak. We could all do with being more like Tim. Even Seth from Marketing.

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Hey Sean, awesome song!!
I'll have to go check out this guy's feed. Love it Biggrin

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Haha! This is great. I'm way to involved with Twitter when I'm not doing music. (Reading only) Didn't even know there was a Cowboy Museum down there.

This is EPIC!! Great job!

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This is adorable ! Now I have to go find his tweets and follow him !

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I live there and had no idea about this guy, but not surprising I steer very far away from social media, so not going to read it now, but good for Tim Wink
Great tune, but i can say that museum sucks. It's mostly just paintings, not even old ones, but artist renditions of basically a dime store novelists idea of the "wild west" There's a lot of other good ones....well used to be, we'll see what happens when things calm down, they won't all be funded like that atrocity is, the ones that don't charge $30 to get in and rely on donations are probably already closed for good Smile sorry about the rant, did enjoy the tune! hahaha

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I've loved reading about Tim, and you do a wonderful job of describing him in true cowboys-round-the-fire spirit! Excellent rhymes, and also I like the sound of your strumming.

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Aww, heck yeah! I love, Love, LOVE this song! I love the story behind it; that was totally new to me! And I love how you have immortalized Tim the Cowboy!

You tell Tim's story so well in the verses and that chorus is totally sweet. Short...to the point...just enough change in the melody,

3 cheers for Tim the Cowboy, You’re a beacon of light
You share your joy with everyone on endless prairie nights.

A perfect chorus that I looked forward to every single time. And I swear the way you sang it reminded me of Neil Young! I'd love to hear ol Neil sing this one!

Overall a mighty fine song and tribute to Tim the Cowboy! I hope you send this to him so he can enjoy it as much as I did!

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Great storytelling.