Endless Waltz

Endless Waltz

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Liner Notes: 

I sent the ol' Technicolor Gramophone a guitar track titled "Endless Waltz" for him to work his magic on. He did vocals and came up with the vocal melody & lyrics. I went minimal with the arrangement to fit with his style this year and also to do my spacey arpeggio guitar thing I love to do. Just my Jazzmaster tuned to open C with the Chorus pedal and some radio static for extra effect. I'm very happy with how this turned out!


Lyrics Written By: Technicolor Gramophone

It was June of 1942
and it was just we two
After hours on the fourth floor
Of Hartmann's department store
I asked you to dance, but you didn't reply
and, well, I was not surprised
Since I was a man
and you a mannequin

I took you by your plastic hand
Wrapped you in my arms and danced
We dipped, we swayed
We waltzed the night away

We tired the moon with talking
(Mostly me; your reticence was charming)
and we're still talking and waltzing
Cos you're right here in my living room

Endlessly waltzing ... with you, darling

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Great intro with all those sounds and beautiful guitar. Very creative lyrics, a novel story.

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Guitar loveliness wrapped up in a wonderful story. The guitar tone is so evocative, perfect for furthering the narrative. Aces!

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Well well saw these 2 names and it was just a matter of how good it would be! Oh. Its very good. The track holding the vocals is so compelling and the vocals just gently lie on them. Really nice guys

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This somehow succeeds at being both avant-garde soundart and pop. By rights, this shouldn't be possible, but here we are.

Had a wry smile at the trick in the narrative, but it's the phrasal construction ('mostly me, your reticence was charming') that made me think 'yeah, this is good'.

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Its not often to hear a compelling story song over a sweet extended guitar riff, but here it is!

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When I read the lyrics (1942 time period) coupled with the fact that they were dancing a waltz I thought to myself "how is he going to pull this off." Strangely, it works. A charming little song done in a creative way.

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Wow, do I love this story and these lyrics. I remember being a kid (possibly not that long after 1942) and my fascination with mannequins. (Something about their, um, shape?) Great, great music here--and I'm still loving the radio static effect. Going to have to try that myself. Nice collab, guys!

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The lyrics, the vocal performance, the guitar tone, the radio bits. So perfectly mixed together to give us such a wonderful tune. I almost wish it was longer. Great collab you two!

See You In The Shadows…

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Yeah this is lovely. My kind of story, and my wife says I haven’t got a romantic bone in my body!
When I married her I shoulda asked her dad if he’d got a plastic one.
Beautiful combination of the guitar and the wistful eccentricity of the vocal

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Can't listen to this without thinking about that movie. Sorry. Child of the 80s. But the song is much lovelier than the movie and it's a far more compelling plot. I really did enjoy this one.

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Ooh...this hits the sweet spot for me. Those guitars are gorgeous! And what a delightful lyric!! It really sounds heartfelt...a true story of love. Your reticence was charming--that's just great

Kurtis was kind enough to give me some advice about Jags and Jazzmasters and such. I would love to get one, but I probably wouldn't know what to do with it. Maybe I could get some skype lessons Smile

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Lush and gorgeous guitars, wonderful and quirky lyrics. Great collaboration and cool tune.

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I love these lyrics! "We tired the moon with talking/(Mostly me; your reticence was charming)" is a great line. The spacey guitar fits the narrative well, as it highlights the spaciness of someone in love with a mannequin, an idea that is amusing on one hand and disturbing on the other.