Fake Tears

Fake Tears

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Liner Notes: 

My internet goes off over and over again. Went off 4 times before I was able to post this. This is I guess a protest song and about more than one group of people.
I really am tired of all the fake people thinking that they understand.


Fake Tears
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Don't give me those fake Christian tears
Telling me you know what we suffered
Don't give me your I understand
We were were put in shackles

Don't tell you know what it was like
When we were given smallpox blankets
Don't say you know our history
When we were tethered at our ankles

No fake tears for all the lives and years
No wiping eyes pretending you heard our cries
No fake concern when you have never bothered to learn
No fake tears...no fake tears

There's been too many white lies
Living free as you watch our demise

Don't say again our lives are illegal
Don't ignore they're still in cages
Don't say you feel any of our pain
And God in heaven don't speak of your rages

Repeat chorus

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well said! great topic, and nicely done

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Packs a hard punch with those strong, tight lines. I especially like "Living free as you watch our demise." Great write.

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This is a damn fine set of lyrics Cindy! I like how you used two historical (yet still present) examples and then the most recent with immigrant children. You have documented this well and the hook, Fake Tears, is brilliant! Well done, my friend!