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Liner Notes: 

i'm making a relaxing summery game... here's a simple tune i wrote for it! here's a mockup of how it looks

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This actually really relaxing. I think this due to the slow beat and the nature sounds as well. A fun listen. I could see myself lying in the sun and listen to it, drinking some cold lemonade and all would be well!

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Very cool song! I love the sounds here, especially the part that comes in around 0:26. Very cool pixel art for it as well, this would fit perfectly in that environment. I really like all the bits in this song, the outdoor samples are great in it.

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Good grief.
I almost feel like just leaving it at that.
This checks all the boxes for me.
Excellent sounds used.
Said excellent sounds used in such intriguing ways in the arrangment. I love the sax hits, and the other synth hits that kind of crescendo at the end of some phrases, and then the bit of vibey elec piano at like :26. The nature sounds add so much and I feel they aren't overdone.
There's a sparseness here kinda but that gets filled up by that short stabby low synth throughout and the delay on the other sounds.
The mix and the panning - also add so much in my headphones.
Wow, this is pretty darn great.

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all these different textures! and instruments! oh i love this, just another reminder that fluidvolt contains multitudes. did you record the outside ambience or find it online?

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Ahh the mix of nature field recordings and chiptuney synths is so nice, love your mockup too! Based on that, the music and the words "relaxing" and "summery" I immediately want to play your game, haha. Keep us posted if you get it finished!