A Walk

A Walk

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Liner Notes: 

I tagged it "Soundtrack", but not sure what scene this would work with. I'm still enjoying the new sounds from the Spitfire "BBC Discover" orchestra and the free LABS sounds I got from Spitfire. I thought this was going to be all weird sounds from LABS, but I fell back on good old cellos, violins, and brass. With a synth at the end, and an "evil cello" in the middle.

I'm also trying to teach myself a new feature in Logic, Live Loops, which is kind of how Ableton Live works. That's a new thing.

I'll probably get all this orchestral stuff out of my system soon... This took most of the day Sunday. And it's a minute and a half... An easy listen!


Not this time.

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That main motif is really fun, and slightly Monk-ish. I like it juxtaposed with the long notes on the strings.
The loops work well in this context - makes me think about where else this kind of repetition would be cool.

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Yes, it takes time, that's why I keep copping out with the piano and simple pads over it! (and put asside for "future work"!) The free Spitfire is a wonder tho', and this is interestingly thematically, and the synth adds a new dimension. I'd put this up on songtradr, myself, and elt someone pick it up and pay for it!

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I like the dip to the bass notes at 0:36.

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The cello sound is really nice. I picture this as a transitional scene. Traveling, or planning montage of some sort, or building... getting from point A to point B I the plot. I like it.

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I also like the cello, it makes for a very good start to the piece. The synth fits in very well.

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Love that opening riff - that's definitely got a lot going for it. And hooray for Spitfire Audio - isn't it a great way to give the creative impulse a nudge in a new direction? Those immense cello chords really hit the spot for me. But I'm glad to hear some more bleepy synth noises playing their part here as well. The LABS stuff is an immense rabbit hole of weird sonic goodness and I'm looking forward to hearing what you do with it!