I’m a Snake In the Grass

I’m a Snake In the Grass

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Liner Notes: 

I took almost 3 hours to get this into the shape it’s in, and it’s still a bit of a mess, but it’s just a lark after all. Decided to take a literal angle on the prompt.

Thank you, Corinne!

I have a phone call to get on now, so I’ll come back later to comment on the other songs.


I was a snake in the grass
If you could’ve avoided me
We’d never have clashed
But I uncoiled myself
So the cards were dealt
By my stretching out,
you came face-to-face
with a snake in the grass

Soaking up sun, it’s the name of the game
I’m not embarrassed, and I carry no shame
But you took me by surprise
Lady, have you no eyes?
It’s not your path, it’s mine
I just needed the sunshine
I’m a snake in the grass

Due to evolution,
it’s my constitution,
I’ve got no regulation, but you,
you’re just on vacation!
Sorry for biting you, I know it’s not cool
Maybe next time you can spare me some room?

I’m back to doing the thing I do best
Sunning and cooling, a delicate balance,
While I get my rest
I’m just a snake in the grass
An innocent snake in the grass
Be mindful where you step
Keep your eyes on the path
For snakes in the grass

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what a great idea to do it from the perspective of the snake itself! nicely done, and i like the vocal phrasing both in the verses and in the bridge,--- nice change-up!

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I love it being from the snake's view! I enjoyed this a lot!

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What a wonderfully delightful point of view! Great take on the skirmish! I really love that lilt in your melody! It almost makes me like snakes!!!

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now I almost feel bad......
Really cool twist from the snakes perspective Great melody and right back to that bluesy slithery rhythm Smile
It's just my evolution....they all terrify me Wink even the non-poisonous ones still hurt haha

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I like this, an actual encounter with an actual snake in the actual grass.

You surprised me! So hell yes I bit you. Sorry not sorry.

I like the slightly scratchy guitar tone, nice contrast to the smooth vocal sound.

Yep, also the little chuckle. And snakes in the grassssssss. Nice touches.

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very nice take on the title for the skirmish. The music on the 'uncoiled myself' sections is lovely. Good dynamics.

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Have you been listening to much Laura Marling recently? Something about the lift into the 'But I uncoiled myself...' section made me think of her instantly.

The whole idea of a snake doing a 'sorry; not sorry' is wonderful and musically, lyrically and vocally this is very well executed.

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I have a similar affinity for spiders every time I see them. Your voice is sensational.

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Yesterday I was picking blackberries in my backyard and was surprised by a two foot Garter Snake.
I backed off, cos, really, I was kinda in his living quarters.
Lovely tune here for sure.
I love your chord choices and vocal delivery.
I like how you got some snake science in there, too.
Nicely done!

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What a lilting bluesy feel. Though almost all Oz snakes, if they bite you, will leave you feeling very sorry, if not leaving entirely! Light-hearted and very snake-fair lyrics and a lilty melody too.

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This lyric is so fun and intriguing. The music puts a sneaky sixties sublime mood to the lyric and thanks for the OK to play with this.

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What a wonderful listen, great take on the skirmish, so original and fun, great phrasing ideas and melody, I love it!

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Absolutely love this snake's perspective. Clever and unique. This charming - albeit slightly unsettling - song had me tapping my toes right along. Wink
Gorgeous melody and vocals.

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Ooh, I like the phrasing right from the start. That's a lovely guitar/vocal doubling. That works so well. This has a little tongue in cheek, fun feel to it in spite of the darker context in the lyric. I like this a lot.