Snake in the Grass

Snake in the Grass

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Liner Notes: 

I really like snakes so I thought I'd do a children's song.


Snake in the Grass
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I see something green!
Look closely in the grass
He just might make you laugh
It's a green snake!

I see something black
Pretty long, do you see
He's looking at you and me
It's a black snake!

Don't be too concerned
This is their home
They should be free to roam

I see something striped!
See how colorful he is
He's something not to miss
It's a milk snake!

I see something brown!
He's there on the rocks
No reason to be shocked
It's a Midland Brown snake!

Repeat chorus

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Cool idea. No need for kids to get all scared of snakes as long as they avoid the nasty ones. I have a lovely black snake that hangs around the yard sometimes. Good job.

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Cool rhyming of the middle two lines of those stanzas. Gives me a definite feel and rhythm to the lyric. And I like that you didn't go all negative like I did.

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Cute! This has the makings of a children’s picture book. Great skirmishing1

corinne54's picture

Fun lyric - and instructive! Nicely done Cindy!

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I love the descriptions of these common beautiful snakes! Nicely done and only one more until 50!

unpronounceable's picture

I'm learning! This is cool -- describing snakes in a song. I used to not be afraid of them.

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Very cute lyric Cindy. Hope to hear it.

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I like snakes a lot, too. Mainly black racers around our house.
Charming song! Kids should know about their native snakes.

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cute little pro-snake childrens song Smile nicely done! I do leave the little green fellas alone Wink they're the only friendly ones around here

and wow! only one more to go.......early congrats on the "win" Wink