'Mysterious Snake In The Grass'

'Mysterious Snake In The Grass'

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Liner Notes: 

Thank you Corinne for your interesting challenge. My first, I believe, piece about a snake. At least I don't remember creating one. Open to collaborations. It feels to me this track could be accompanying a narrator but I'm very open to suggestions. Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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You certainly captured a slithering snake like feel in the music. Very cool synth sounds.

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Yeah this does just sound like a creepy snake!.........I don't know what kind of snake that is either, but I don't like it, up to no good I'm sure its not looking to cuddle hahaha

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I love the way the melody takes an unexpected turn now and then - just like a snake! I really like the combination of synth instruments here. Great skirmishing!

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There is a slight ominous feeling to this one. Which is how I kind of picture being around snakes. I'm fine if I see them first... and can avoid them. I like that staccato bit combined with the bass and melody. It's a good sound.

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Your music goes with the title. It is mysterious sounding. Good choice of patches for this piece. And...another cool picture. Pretty snake.

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mysterious for sure- nice matching of the sound patches to the melody and composition

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You have a nice Middle Eastern vibe to this and a sinewy melody. Love the keyboard sound you picked for this. Very appropriate and wonderful to listen to.

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Ooo it would be fun to have a nature doc commentary on top of the music! Definite mysterious vibes Smile

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Very interesting and mysterious. Great song!