Strong Enough

Strong Enough

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Liner Notes: 

Prompt was snake in the grass. I really didn't know what to do and started playing with the old javascript game snake and drew about it. I decided I wanted to do something synth as kinda an homage to that. The imagery makes a very tiny appearance in a much bigger landscape about going from an old world to a new world.


Old world
You are tired
Heavy from the rocks

Old world
You are fire
And I am
Kiln for cross

Old world
You are ancient
Sources all too far

Old world
You are waiting
for this new world
to start

Slip your skin in the grass
Feel the dew
Like a soft baby's ass

Let the world guide you home
It is unknown
You are undone

You are shaking
Your mother's gone

It's only
That she's aging
You're gonna have to help her on.

Grow your arms
Through the forest
Don't let the sun
Ignore your vortex

Let your skin Harden
just a little
So you'll be strong enough to come.
Strong enough to come.

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This has such a cool dramatic feel to the music which is perfect for the pithy poetic and philosophical lyrics. Your delivery lures me in and holds my attention in a kind of wonderfully spooky way. Brilliant!

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yeah this is spooky and mellow and suspenseful and relaxing Wink all before the vocals kick in with that great buildup Wink have to agree with kahlo....that delivery captivated me....this some great noise right here! and who doesn't love a good ass/grass rhyme? haha


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What an original and intriguing interpretation of the skirmish prompt! The synth effects are very cool, and the lyrics are lovely. Nice!

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Wonderfully dramatic soundscape. The lyric is deep. Quality stuff all the way around.

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Very spooky and non-human and snake-like. Really interesting take on the theme. Very Bjorkish, which I love!

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You've packed a lot into the music on this one. I liked the retro sound of the intro/1st bit. And I agree that this has a bit of an ominous tone under the vocal (the second song of the skirmish I've gotten the feeling from.) I liked the rhythm of the shorter lines when I read through it to start. And I like the slower phrasing of your vocal. That's some cool synth work, low and dark. Almost sounds like a detuned vocoder. Which is cool.

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Creepy and dark and creepy. There's so much awesome going on, I'm not even sure what to say. LOVE those last two verses. Smile

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Otiginal take on a skirmish prompt. Interesting how your song develops.

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Yikes! This is creepy as all get out. Wildly creative and I'm super impressed in the way you went about creating this compelling work of art. I'm totally diggin' this!