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Liner Notes: 

I can't believe I mispronounced "opalescent". Put it down to my advanced age! Took me about an hour to record tracks on iPod and write lyrics and sing melody over music (including said mispronunciation)!

Last week I watched a Great Egret stalk a snake in the grass - and gobble it down, so I thought I would use that as a prompt for today.


Come awake in the sun
Watching you bake til’ your done

Scales opalescent
Slithering in the fertile crescent

As you shake off your sleep
Do you ache to bite deep

Sinking fangs into your victim
Releasing venom

Sway to the music
In your trance
Sway to the music
Do your dance

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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That funky drum beat is really doing it for me! and that eerie string part kicking in, very nice!

great nod to the snake charmers and swaying to the music! Really enjoyed this!

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Ooo the vibe from the top is great! I love that you're kind of dancing with the topic and celebrating it in this song and just exploring. It's really cool how you harmonized with yourself and captured the energy on multiple levels. And the 'ssss' at the end is great.

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This has such a cool exotic feel with a sinister kind of snake charmer lure. I love the music and the vocal effects. The hissing is really effective. Love this!

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wow, this really has a great middle eastern vibe, including those little echoes on the vocal- really great production, and it all works with the lyric and melody so well.
swayin to the trance music there- this is really wonderful! so enjoyable! (and i, of course, went in another snake direction!)

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Love that funky vibe! Great trippy vocal effects, too - perfect with the chorus’s trance theme. Nice one!

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Wonderful production. It sounds very mid-eastern snake like. Well done.

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Very cool song and productions. Love the Eastern vibes. Very visual, epic song. Brilliant singing and playing. Thank you for your great song and skirmish theme Corinne.

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Love the middle eastern vibe. The vocal layers add depth that gives this just the right amount of creepiness. Those sssssss especially. And while this is easily taken literally, it could also be about anything you are tempted by. Good stuff!

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Ooooo such a mysterious vibe! Love that drumbeat and I feel like I am in ancient India!

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Great atmosphere to this! I really like the sensory visual details you included but also especially the question about yearning to sink those fangs in. The vocal layers in the trance section and the building intensity really made this take off! No heron would touch this particular power snake, I bet.

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Well, first of all - this is awesome! Groovy and exotic.
Second, thanks for hosting these skirmishes. I am inspired just about every Sunday!
Back to your song - wow! Superhypnotic groove and blend of sounds, and your vocals are a wonder. Awesome in headphones!