Well Worn

Well Worn

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Liner Notes: 

Week2 Furniture, great prompt. Wrote this last week, took a few days to get a demo up. Thanks for the listen! Standard 1 , 2 minor, 4, 5. A little plain, but kind of cool. Thank you for the comments.


Well Worn

Scent of sage and sweet magnolia 
Squeaky wooden swing   
Sitting on this front porch 
Rocking to the memories 
I've come back to this bayou town 
The place where I was born 
Every inch of this old house 
Is well worn

A smooth oak banister climbing 
Quiet up the stairs 
Familiar kitchen table   
Four antique wooden chairs 
He'd sit by himself the last years  
Sip coffee early morn 
Every inch of this old house
Is well worn

Faces change
Old pictures hang
Dusty on a silent wall
A sunny smile
A long, long while
A family's love
I can hear my mother calling
Through the back screen door
Every memory I hold dear
Is well worn


A black and white of mom and dad 
On their wedding day 
There's one of John before 
The war took him away 
I can still see my father 
Pacing these hardwood floors 
Every inch of this old house
Is well worn

A bittersweet recliner 
A sofa with its corner torn 
Every tear that spills from my eyes 
Is well worn

Copyright 2020 Ed Ferguson

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Lovely, comfortable feel to this. Great details in the storytelling. I like the changeup in the bridge. There's some good old-fashioned songcraft here in the way you set the title phrase, and surprise with it at the end. Glad I stumbled onto this one.

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Sweet tune. I grew up in the south, and your touching on some familiar scenes. People I knew, houses I've been in. Good tune, and a good listen.

Glad to hear it's not a "modern country" tune, I generally stay away from those.

I'm not sure it's that country, really. It's just a song.

Scubed's picture

Really like that mellow guitar accompaniment! The lovely lyrics are beautifully detailed, and the hook is really strong. Really enjoyed this!

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I agree with what everybody else has already said. A very nice, subdued tune with good, simple accompaniment and good pathos in your vocals. Easy to listen to and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

Also, howdy to a fellow Austinite! (well, technically, I'm a Pflugervillian….)

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Really like this one; good lyric, good guitar, what's not to like? Excellent.

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Another one I'm glad I dug back for. Have I complimented you on your voice before--because this performance is awesome. One of the best I've heard here this year--if not THE best.

Great song and, yeah--great singing!