The Aeronaut

The Aeronaut

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This started out as two different songs that I ended up smashing together. I also experimented with doubling acoustic (or midi versions of acoustic) instruments with electronic sounds.

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I can see the aeronaut tooling through the skies in one of them propeller-driven dirigibles, his best girl by his side, a leather flying cap on his head, goggles on, his walrus moustache waving in the breeze.

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Ya I was grooving with this track instantly. Very cool rhythms and sounds. Great melody, I love when all the instruments come in and the very smooth transitions from section to section. It's such a satisfying song. Brilliant composition, I really enjoyed this!

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Love those big bassy stabs! PARP! Your instrumentals are always a fun ride, this is definitely no exception. Really great melodies and fun rhythmic shifts.

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Interesting combo and I love how the clarinet and melodica sound together.

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I love the way this moves. It's sort of breezy and catchy while remaining rather weird. I need to see some choreography for this!

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This is very fun -- I love the interplay of bass clarinet and melodica a lot; feel like something you would hear in a French comedy.