i think im over you

i think im over you

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Liner Notes: 

When this all first started, it was exciting making connections over videoconferencing software. The novelty has worn off.


i think i’m over you
© Sean McGaughey July 18, 2020

G Bm
Zoom, I think I’m over you
Sure it was fun at the beginning
When we could see our friend’s smile
D D7
Share some tunes and laugh a while

G Bm
We could choose a pretty picture behind us
Pretend that we were anywhere
Not in the same small room,
D D7
in the same old chair

I want to see you out somewhere
Breathe the open air
Breezes dancing in our hair
Together, really there.

I listen while you play across miles

Through wires and panes of glass

It’s like making out in a parka

Sure it’s nice but it’s just not the same

Repeat V1

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Love the guitar on this and the vocal effect you used to create the wonderful melancholy feel on a relatable topic... a perfect Zoom break up song that really emphases the connections we all miss so well

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I laughed out loud at the parka line!
The electric guitar picking is really pretty and that chorus melody really expresses well that yearning for in-person connection.
Great take on the Z challenge. Smile

MarkG's picture

Yeah, the parka line is hilarious. I can't get into Zoom, it's too distracting and I just say goodbye after 10minutes.

AndyGetch's picture

Funny and sad lyrical take on the Z challenge and the wearing thin of online meetings. The musical mood set by the guitar and resigned melody augment the lyric well!

musicsongwriter's picture

Fun to listen song and very cool take on the week 3 challenge.

pipewrench67's picture

We're all disconnected, lovely desolate feel, enjoying the texture of the guitar layers.

wacha's picture

Your guitar and vocals are beautiful and really give us a sense of longing. Really nice job capturing the isolation so many of us are feeling now. Repeating the first fist at the end really wraps up the song nicely, really lovely job on this one!