Introducing the Simply Amazing Horns

Introducing the Simply Amazing Horns

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Liner Notes: 

@Metalfoot, You made me so very happy, that you gave me an excuse to channel my inner David Clayton Thomas on this one.

This is my offering into @metalfoot's now seasonal Fake It Challenge ( ) where he posts an original set of lyrics and a chord chart and challenges others to arrange and produce a song from the fake sheet. My inner high-school stage band geek took over and I went all Blood, Sweat, and Tears on this.


The Fake It! Challenge is now live. This year's song is called Truly Amazing. is external) is external)

Some ground rules:
1. You must use the entirety of the lyrics. If you want to repeat the chorus at the end or whatever that's fair game, but the basic idea is to run the song as it goes on the lead sheet.
2. Tag the song with the tag 'fakeit' and post your completed song in this thread.
3. DO NOT TAG ME AS A COLLABORATOR. (Heaven knows I'll write enough songs as it is!) This is a songwriting game and I'm not the important ingredient here.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Very fun. Love the sax solos -- great melody.

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I like the upbeat take. (I also took a slightly faster than average route.) Great use of BIAB, as I like your arrangement.

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Great feel to this track, very fun. The arrangement brings a great vibe. This seems like a fun challenge, you made a cool take on it! Really like when the drums switch to the ride cymbal and a sax solo, hell ya.

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Beautifully uplifting in the way the”Ringo” album was when I first heard it. Love that playful and teasing sax solo too!

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I'm loving the funky groove here, and those are some sweet horns. Great vocal, too. I'd love to see you fronting this big band, crooning away. I'd like to watch someone put together a BIAB song. I imagine magic, literally. Take it saxophonist! Truly amazing!!

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Really offbeat track that is brimming with fun, and the horns sound great!

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I too feel like BIAB is just some magical pandora's box I shouldn't open......great for others, but I'll stay away hahah I have enough to worry about Wink

This is a really fun, and groovy take on this.......just a stupid video idea, but a band made of actual mixed and matched boxes playing the instruments comes to mind hahah or playing other boxes.
Great tune!

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I absolutely love this! The horns are fab!

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the details in the parts really set this off, the sax solo fiddly bits for example and the bubbling groove of the bass. i agree. the horns are great. really fun arrangement Smile

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This is so fun! Love the horns, and that sax solo is fantastic! This had me grooving along the whole way through. Awesome take on the challenge!