One-Sided Love

One-Sided Love

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Liner Notes: 

Frustration rears its head more and more these last couple days.
Unmixed, sorry.
Much more to do to this one.


I open my arms and you turn away
I ask how you feel but you cannot say
One-sided love

I touch your face and gaze into your eyes
You look down at the ground and I know why
One-sided love

I'm living in
a one-sided love

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Nah, that's mixed. Not bad. I like how it gets bigger and bigger as we go on.

I have been there before, in a one-sided love for sure.

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Yeah! I can relate to that one-sided love and I think the mix you have hear works well with the vocals.

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I like the voice and melody. Real nice when the keyboards come in with the vocal line at 1:00. I like those clashing vocals at the end also. This is a good listen, simple effective lyrics work for the robotic voices and I like the arrangement.

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Yup great build up, not overdone chiptune. Very effective and catchy.

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Very cool song and effective write. You have a unique style.

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I enjoyed the production in this.The lyric is universal and you get the most out of it. It's a catchy tune!

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Love the crunchy bass / drum track. The chorus feels really anthemic, the song really opens up at that point - so cool. Brilliantly catchy and emotional.

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Nice, is that Mary Ork? This is fabulously groovy, I'm digging this a lot.

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Very cool! Love the textures and rhythm, nice buildup. Mix sounds pretty good to me. Love that robotic voice.

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What did you use for the chiptune synth ? A real console chip or a VST ?
Love the melody and the many details in it