G*****n 2020

G*****n 2020

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Liner Notes: 

Just one slightly NSFW word - but I use it a few times in the song. How I feel about most of the year so far.


Mean streak behind a crooked smile
evil ways to use a nail file
friends in low places – and plenty
Goddamn 2020

Bitter fruit on a twisted vine
only good for headache wine
It’s a joke, sure ain’t funny
Goddamn 2020

Can’t help myself – I turn on the news
Anchorman in a suit and running shoes
He’s on autopilot and so so sunny
Goddamn 2020

Still gotta have hope for the rest of the year
Gotta have faith that a path will be made clear
right now – so swampy and muddy
Goddamn 2020

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i sure can relate to the sentiments expressed herein..i suppose most of us can. but i think things will get worse come november,

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Loving the rhymes with 2020, which has (re-)taught me some lessons for sure. Well, 'gotta have hope' Smile .

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indeed, this has been the year that... even I'm running out of words!

nice work! this has that playful in the face of doom quality

Adnama17's picture

Afuckingmen. I can't believe how crazy this year has been. And it's only half done! "Bitter fruit on a twisted vine" pretty much sums it up.
This sounds defiantly happy. I dig it. : )

phylo's picture

Yep. This is what's running 'round in my brain of late as well. The year is rife with song fodder for real. Nice work.

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I can completely relate to the lyrics and I really like the folk-protest feel of this.

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..........bitter fruit on a twisted vine.....only good for headache wine! goddamn that's a magical line!

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I made time for the NSFW track! From you, figured, gotta hair-it Smile Sent the family and dog out for that one, aye!

- "Bitter fruit on a twisted vine, only good for headache wine" -- the bright lining in that cloud is it's very easy to just unscrew the hang over! Smile

Anyway, at least you're not making it worse, -- not everyone can say that..., what if they could, and did? Hmmm... (I do what I can! Smile )