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Liner Notes: 

Got this idea while noodling with the piano on video chat.

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Very pretty and meditative in feel.

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I like this, too. That melody.. that up down motif, is stuck in my head.

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From the very opening I felt a Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli vibe. There's something cinematic about this, like it's depicting a character's moment of self-reflection or realization, in a garden with lots of flowers blowing in the wind. I really love this.

Amanda West's picture

Meadow flowers, floating light as air insects buzzing around and a gentle warm breeze swaying the long grass. Very beautiful and very evocative.

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reminded me of the french romantics, satie in particular.for the melodic feel.

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That is very calm and cinematic well done

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Just listening to this beautiful melody and arrangement took my anxiety down a notch.

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This is absolutely lovely.

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Beautiful; soothing and relaxing. Love it.

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This is excellent, Juha. I could put this on a loop and listen for hours, letting all the problems in the world just melt away.

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Lovely piano and melody. It's wistful and feels hopeful. A like the soft back and forth, like contemplation, at around 2:00. Very relaxing to listen to. Nice work!

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A calm ending to my day. This was really nice. Thank you, Juha.

See You In The Shadows…

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Damn, man, this is really beautiful! I need a whole CD of this just to calm me the F down! You really play so well and this is, as someone else pointed out, this is quite cinematic! Really nice work!!

Oh and my wife just walked by and said "that reminds me of Metallica's Nothing Else Matters" which is high praise indeed!

jeustan's picture

Some melodies hit their stride with memorable harmonies or surprising colors. However, this tune has all that with a strong rhythm foundation under it that to me is reminiscent of folk dance. It's timeless sounding, memorable, and I really like the title.

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Seriously, you could absolutely sell an album of stuff like this--reminds me of all of my old George Winston albums.

This is really terrific--great playing, great arrangement. MORE LIKE THIS!!

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Yeah, this does hit sort of like a Satie song: quietly melodic, emotional, working on the listener in ways that are hard to understand. Like all good music, this has an element of magic that transcends the base elements that go into it. Kind of a weird title, which is great. I'm sitting here wondering: what does it mean?

headfirstonly's picture

Very sweet. I rather like the way the BBC Symphony Orchestra gradually join in; those strings are just so good, aren't they?

The wildtrack (frogs?) is the perfect extra touch that you don't realise is missing until it's added. Those "calm" and "relaxing" tags are well-chosen. This certainly had that result here!

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Wow... this is really gorgeous! It flows so beautifully to create a sense of peaceful joy. I like the title too.. listening to it took me mentally to my happy spot on the smooth colorful stone beaches along the wild shores of of Lake Superior.. I really enjoyed this!