Pastel Sunrise

Pastel Sunrise

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Liner Notes: 

Random collab pairing Biggrin I got lucky with the lyricist....

Wordsmith says:
Liner Notes:
Something bittersweet to kick the output off this year. This one started its life as part of the 100 songs in 180 days facebook challenge, but the sober light of hindsight has shown me that I wrote it too quickly. I've made some changes and present the improved version for your consideration.

I say:
I was never happy with a 1v1 guitar take, to do this great image filled write justice, so have a couple Wink ....If Stephen doesn't hate this too much may revisit it sometime during 50/90
I quite enjoy it, would mark it a favorite, but we'll see how it sits tomorrow after some sleep Smile I may absolutely hate it as well, wouldn't care if it wasn't such a great write by Stephen. Thanks! really pleasurable guy to work with! And please use headphones Wink


Pastel sunrise
Soft and fair
The city never held such charm
Light and fire
Can you not hear
The tears of those who came to harm?

A race
Of fluffy chariots
Across the field of golden rose
A crushed
Merlot metropolis
Laid by the plum-wine sea to doze

Your hazes
Pink and purple
Kidnapped in a lens of camera glass
And sent
Across the continents
To those who wait for time to pass

In quarantine


It took you
But an hour to smoke
The colour from the winking dark
To place the night owl
In his oak
And spread the wings of morning lark

Unlike the fools
Who never learned
To light the candle's single end
And never sleep
But watch it burn
For time can never break or bend

In quarantine

As a smudge upon the canvas, as a royal flag unfurled
On a kingdom under covers hiding from an ailing world
And with another brand-new day, a brand-new hope is born
And sketched upon a careless sky with pastels drawn at dawn

Pastel Sunrise


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The dream pop/rock feel to the vocals and panning etc, give this a really other world feeeling. I do quite like the unconventional aspects of the arrangement, I think it truly suits the words and the feelings they evoke Smile

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Love the title and bizarre, psychedelic feel. Lyrics paint a vivid pic: I particularly like "sketched upon a careless sky with pastels drawn at dawn." Those guitars all echoey and drifting really sound great. The various vocals make it almost scary!

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a psychedelic super swirl... a ben and herrys uce cream flavor should be named after this song. i like uts abstractness, whichis balanced by a nod or two to radiohead. i really enjoyed the two vocals each going into a different ear, the end crumbles like crashing out on lsd.

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Rocking good vocal lyrics, spun to perfection by the guitar magic. Defies categorization, but gave me a sweet listen!

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What a great collaboration! Really enjoyed the combination of @Stephen Wordsmith’s wonderful lyrics and your cool, swirly rock vibe!

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This is a really challenging take on the lyric. It would have been so easy to go for a classic folksy approach, but I love that this is nothing like it. This is a really pissed off sunrise; the colours that dawn on the day COVID-19 claims your grandmother in a nursing home that did not take precautions quickly enough. Looks like the sunrise *can* hear the tears of those who came to harm. It's the painful transition from the stillness of night to the inevitable new day that was blown so unstoppably in from somewhere, bringing with it every harsh reality on a soft pink platter. It is the mental anguish and anxiety of someone who cannot ignore the new world it has brought. It is a harsh headache, but less harsh than the suffering of the victims. It is a shimmering, otherworldly haze, beautiful under most circumstances but so palpably tainted.

I love this.

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What a trip. Wow. The dreamy-psychedelic vocals add a great emotion to Stephen's wonderful lyrics. What a great collab you two!

See You In The Shadows…

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Very nice! The vocal layers go so well and this has a relaxed haze feel.