Mystic Brotherhood of Slurf

Mystic Brotherhood of Slurf

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Liner Notes: 

G3 came over with his guitar and stuff. I played him this and he anointed it with his mystic brotherhood guitar.

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That is so awesome. The contrast/ dissonance between the keys and guitars is beautiful chaos. How does one enter the brotherhood of slurf?

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Unique.. the rhythm drives a cacophony of sounds...

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Oh wow, very cool! Love the crazy distorted backing and guitar showdown. Surprisingly a lot of melody, just played in such a wildly cool way. Some really awesome tones in here. The left/right channels go back and forth, call and answer, clash, so much in one song. Certainly a mystic track.

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Music for surfing the liquid methane oceans of Titan.

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Feels like a fever dream of a 70s party.

The dj is a beaver and the bartender a native american with a giant cigar. I feel like there's a phone ringing, but can't find it anywhere.