New Signals [TSNB] * Revised w/Music Below

New Signals [TSNB] * Revised w/Music Below

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Liner Notes: 

Ah, yes, the new American folk song, -- whodda thought, e v e r ... but, derUgo.

-- Needs Musication, open to Right person for the job (well, no longer, I did it! Wink ) ; ask first, then sample concept with short bounce, then we shall Sea! Smile


Tribal Supremacy [the new bigotry] (c) 2020 ustaknow (alias) [5 min mouring-morning-5min-news-write]

Tribal Supremacy, the new bigotry
All hate all..., who hate all, hate all
I hate you White people don't care if you hate me
It's my turn to oppress you and so, hisss-story

Emotional-facts, that's the new tax
Reality, real - ty just don't fit me
I'm 20 years old and I just know!
All you do is bigotry, you yelling at me

But I ain't no snowflake, and no I won't wake
Not for you there, cause, how'u treat me here
You don't speak nicely, just so demanding-see
Why do you care, if I eat all your candy

Tribal Supremacy, yes, the new bigotry
Comrad Chi and uncle Putin's knee
Both sent mom, and dad to skool be
We made them Mayor and Governor freed
Now we get to do..., whatever we feel..., to you

And now we get to do, whatever we feel to you
And now we get to do, whatever we feel to you
And before you figure, it all out well
We've stock piled our needs, come November cell time feed

... ... oh say can you see ... ... [fades on anthem snippet]

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Some biting social commentary here for sure! Good writing.