I'm Not Ready

I'm Not Ready

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Liner Notes: 

We recently lost a pet cat of ours way ahead of his time - working on this has been therapeutic.

I experimented with throwing autotune on the harmonica here, and there's some promise there that I need to fully scope out someday.

Uses some wonderful field recorded ambience by @AndyGetch, in the bridge, that he posted to the Take a Penny thread, http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/take-penny-leave-penny


And I'm not ready, for you to go
I'm not ready, for you to go
I'll never be ready, for you to go
But you gotta go.
You gotta go.

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That's a powerful harmonica - you did well with it. The bass is also great. It has an almost 1960's psychedelic rock feel to it.

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There is a certain catharsis to creating a song out of the sadness and stress. That heavy guitar and harmonica combo does have a vaguely 60s psychedelia feel to it. Very cool.

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I'm sorry to hear about your cat, that's never easy. Really enjoyed this jam though, especially the harmonica! Definitely therapeutic.