Christmas in my Dreams

Christmas in my Dreams

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Liner Notes: 

Yes, I know, it's Summer but the shops are soon starting selling Christmas cards and Christmas crackers, at least they used to start... Anyway, here is my instrumental piece. If you hear lyrics or have other ideas for collaboration please let me know. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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Very Christmasy on this hot July day! Beautiful

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Fits our cool weather here nicely! Very nice piece!

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I get that holiday feeling for sure! Orchestral, yet also personal. Lovely!

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Very pleasant to listen to and I closed my eyes and let it evoke Christmassy images in my mind. At times it just feels very calm and serene and I could picture walking along a snow covered street looking into shop windows. But the soaring part of the melody feels more majestic like it represents Santa's sleigh soaring through the sky. Nice job.